Friday, October 30, 2009

Too Funny

Kindra was just putting Danica down for a nap, and The Girl was stalling and saying she was hungry:

K: "You just ate. You can have something when you wake up."

D: "But, Mom, when we were at the old house and I said I was hungry, you gave me a piece of cheese."


A couple of days ago, Kindra had to drop the kids off at her friend Christy's so that she could go back to work for some parent-teacher conferences. Cheyenne & Brett, who are the children of our first daycare provider, Danielle, were going to watch all four kids. Kindra asked Danica if she remembered who Cheyenne & Brett were. She replied:

"Yeah, remember when Cheyenne's mommy watched me, and I sweeped [slept] on her couch?"

That was a YEAR ago. Crazy.