Saturday, November 24, 2007

Quick Update

As evident from the lack of updates, I have been pretty busy with work. Way too busy. Anyway, here’s a bullet update of things that are new and/or cute with Danica:

Her favorite word is “baby.” Shocker. She’s started talking more, and it’s a lot of fun hearing her copy words and sounds. So far, she’s got “hi” and “bye” down, and she says “bvoo” for balloon and blueberries. She also says “uh-oh” a lot, which is very cute.

Danica’s also picked up and created a lot of signs recently. She rubs her leg for “lotion,” rubs her lips for “lip gloss,” and has created “phone” by holding her hand to her ear. Definitely her mother’s daughter.

She still loves babies and baby dolls, which she asks for a lot in the morning.

The Girl’s preference for either Kindra or me is generally based upon which one of us gets her up from her crib in the morning. It’s seemed however, that she does oscillate between which of us she prefers every couple of weeks.

She loves leading people around by the finger. I spend a lot of mornings with her being led around to her room, to the bathroom, and to the bedroom. She’ll just walk over to wherever I’m sitting and grab my hand and try to pull me up. If’ I’m laying down, she’ll grab my hair or ear to get me up. Really her mother’s daughter.

Doors are her favorite play toy. Ever since she’s figured out she can reach the handles, she loves opening and closing them. She’ll even say “hi” and “bye” when does it, occasionally.

We’ve moved beyond the baby tub and let her sit in the regular bathtub now. She loves to lie on her back in the bathtub like she’s doing the backstroke. I have no idea why, but it makes it pretty difficult to give her a bath. Still, she giggles like crazy when she does it.